Industrial Ethernet OT Networks. Substation Networks
Hirschmann™ Industrial Networks

Making the Future of OT Networks with Expertise in Design, Consultancy, Execution, and Empowering Trainings for Critical Networks

MOXA™ Industrial Ethernet

Elevating OT Networks through Innovative Design, Expert Consultancy, Precise Execution, and Training for Critical Networks

ABB AFS™ Substation Networks

Powering Substation Networks with Exceptional Design, Expert Consultancy, Flawless Execution, and Training for Critical Networks

Schneider Electric™ ConneXium Networks

Discover how Schneider Electric's ConneXium™ solutions bolster industrial automation networks, ensuring both security and operational excellence.

German FAT Integration Hub

Unlocking Possibilities by Seamlessly integrating, rigorously testing, and expertly designing for rapid field deployment.

FAT & SAT Services

Our FAT testing ensures project precision, cost control, and minimizes field complications

Turnkey OT Projects

From procurement and execution to turnkey solutions, we're your single-source partner for seamless OT network integration.

OEM-Certified Training in Europe

Maximize expertise with OEM-backed product training. Efficiency, compliance, and innovation, directly from leading European OEMs

Onsite Expertise beyond Training

Onsite services audits, health checks, troubleshooting, and SLAs across diverse industrial domains, enhancing your operational excellence.

Enhance Industry Energy Management

Reliability, safety, efficiency, and savings .Our complete electrical energy solutions for your industry requirements.

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About Us

Founded in 2003 near Stuttgart, Germany, ZMS brings 21 years of experience in German technology research and development. We specialize in two core areas:

Industrial Ethernet Networks: Our expertise lies in creating and optimizing industrial Ethernet networks to ensure seamless connectivity in the dynamic Industry 4.0 landscape.

Energy Management Solutions: We excel in precise energy analysis, comprehensive power network audits, and the strategic implementation of energy-saving strategies to promote sustainability.

Why Choose ZMS

Decades of Experience: With over 20 years in the industry, ZMS is a leader in German Technology, including Energy Management, Industrial Ethernet, and OT Networks. We have extensive product knowledge to support our expertise.

High-Quality Products: We offer state-of-the-art technology from trusted brands like Hirschmann™, Schneider Electric™, ABB™, Hirschmann™, Belden™, and MOXA™.

Technology Training: At ZMS, we not only provide top-notch products but also offer comprehensive training. Our expert team holds trainer status, ensuring we’re your ideal technology training partner, offering in-depth knowledge and guidance in technology and products.

ZMS OT Labs: Access world-class experts remotely or onsite for cost-effective solutions through our dedicated labs. We specialize in Proof of Concept (PoC) services, ensuring the feasibility and effectiveness of solutions before full-scale implementation.

Global Reach: With strategic locations in Germany and Qatar, we cater to clients across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Choose ZMS for our experience, innovation, technology training, and unwavering support in the ever-evolving industrial landscape. Our user-friendly approach ensures your success.

Product and Services

Discover ZMS, your trusted Industry 4.0 & Digital Transformation partner. Our innovative solutions include Industrial Ethernet-Based Connectivity, IIoT Integration, and Energy Management Services. Elevate efficiency and competitiveness with ZMS’s advanced products. Unlock the future of innovation today!

Industrial Networks Hirschmann

Industrial Ethernet OT Networks

Energy Management Solutions

Industrial Ethernet OT Networks

Industrial Ethernet OT Networks, at the heart of Industry 4.0, deliver high-speed, reliable data connectivity for smart manufacturing. These networks empower real-time control, seamless data exchange, and enhanced productivity in industrial environments.

Products & Services

Network Design & Planning

Cyber Security and Integration

Network Maintenance and Optimization

Lifecycle Management for Industrial Networks

Trainings & Certifications


Energy Management Solutions

Boost industrial efficiency with Energy Management Solutions. Our Industry 4.0-ready solutions optimize power usage and maintain quality. Gain real-time control, seamless monitoring, and enhanced operational efficiency. Elevate your industry with us.

Products & Services

Power Quality Solutions

Energy Management & Analytics

Industrial Energy Saving

Compliance and Risk Management

Industrial Connectivity

ZMS: Your Trusted Industry Partner

ZMS excels in Industrial Networks, Energy Management, and Automation Networks, serving diverse industries. Leveraging our expertise and dedication, we provide tailored solutions for unique business requirements, even in demanding conditions.

Process Industry
Tailored Solutions for Optimal Operations in Challenging Environments with Industrial Networks and Automation Expertise.

Oil and Gas
Enhancing Safety, Efficiency, and Reliability with Advanced Industrial Networks and Energy Management Solutions for Extreme Conditions.

Discover Our Resilient Energy Management Solutions for High-Temperature Environments with Real-time Data Reporting and Easy Troubleshooting.

Leading Compliance & Efficiency with Cutting-edge Industrial Networks & Automation Solutions in Demanding Environments. Explore Our Expertise.

Building Resilient Networks and Energy Management Systems for Modern Society’s Growth in Challenging Environments.

Power Plant
Innovating Energy Efficiency & Sustainability in High-Temperature Environments with Energy Management & Industrial Networks Solutions.

Optimize Power Consumption in Challenging Environments with Our Energy Management and OT Network Solutions for Sustainability.

Mining Industry
Uncover Resilient Hirschmann Networks for High-Temperature and Humid Environments in Mining, Featuring Real-time Data Reporting and Effortless Troubleshooting

Steel & Aluminium
Optimize resources in Aluminium sector with robust Industrial and Automation Networks, plus real-time Energy management solutions for efficient operations.

Project Reference

Explore ZMS’s impressive project portfolio across industries such as Oil & Gas, Cement, Aluminium, Power plants, Pharmaceuticals, and more. Our expertise in Industrial Networks and Energy Management drives innovation and optimizes operations, making us the trusted partner for cutting-edge solutions. Discover our commitment to excellence today.

Hirschmann Certification

ZMS Certifies AbuNayaan Engineers for Successful Pipline OT Network in Saudi Arabia 
ZMS provided certification training to engineers, enhancing the automation team’s capabilities and contributing to a successful OT network Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for a major project in Saudi Arabia.

ZMS Enhances ABB Saudi Water Desalination Project, Saudi Arabia
ZMS’s pivotal role accelerated project completion for a major Saudi water desalination company, enhancing infrastructure with ABB AFS switches and expert training for reliability and cybersecurity.

HOT Engineering and ZMS Accelerate Kuwaiti Oil Project to Success
HOT Engineering and ZMS played crucial roles, accelerating project completion, and fortifying Kuwait’s oil industry with advanced network solutions and Hirschmann Certified Training for reliability and cybersecurity.

ZMS Elevates Saudi Pharmaceuticals with Cutting-Edge ILAN, Saudi Arabia
In Qassim, Saudi Arabia, ZMS deployed advanced Hirschmann Switches/Routers for Saudi Pharmaceuticals, ensuring Pharma standards with FAT/SAT and IT staff certification training.

ZMS Boosts Dammam Pharmaceuticals with Advanced ILAN, Saudi Arabia
In Dammam, Saudi Arabia, ZMS implemented cutting-edge Hirschmann Switches/Routers at Dammam Pharmaceuticals’ new plant, guaranteeing Pharma standards through FAT/SAT and providing IT staff certification training

ZMS Empowers ABB Riyadh SAS Team through Training and Certifications, Saudi Arabia
ZMS provided training and certifications for ABB Riyadh Substation engineers, using ABB AFS Switches, AFR Routers, AFF Firewalls, and AFS View NMS Solution. This bolstered their expertise in IEC 61850-based Substation Automation Networks.


The exceptional support from the ZMS Team transformed our network reliability. Their expertise in upgrading Hirschmann Switches and installing the Industrial HiVision Network Management System exceeded our expectations. Without their dedication, critical issues would have persisted. We are grateful for their invaluable contribution.

Maher Hussein, Chemical Control System, Superitendent YANSAB Saudi Arabia

The ZMS Team delivered exceptional industrial network upgrade services, significantly enhancing our safety system networks. Their professionalism and solutions have paved the way for future collaborations.

Mohammed H., Manager of Automation in a Prominent Oil & Gas Firm based in Qatar

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to ZMS Germany for their outstanding Industrial Network Services. As the main EPC contractor for the Kuwait Oil Company pipeline project, HOTECC benefited greatly from ZMS’s expertise. Their support during FAT & SAT, configuration, and invaluable training empowered our team and will undoubtedly lead to future collaborations.

Mathew Chandy, Manager (Electrical & Instrumentation) HOT Engineering KSCC Kuwait

ZMS Engineers were instrumental in our successful Energy Management System project at Qatar University. Their expertise, dedication, and user-friendly system integration significantly enhanced our research capabilities, creating an interactive learning environment. We greatly appreciate their exceptional service and partnership.

Professor Dr Atif Iqbal, Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Qatar University.

We extend our gratitude to ZMS Digital Industry Solutions for the exceptional Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Technology training conducted remotely. The training’s insightfulness, interactive nature, and live demos greatly benefited our Tech Support Engineers. We eagerly anticipate future sessions and wholeheartedly recommend ZMS’s top-tier training services.

Arindam Chaudhary, Senior Manager, Global Project Management & Support BELDEN INDIA

Shariq is an exceptional professional with profound technical knowledge and an in-depth understanding of switching Hirschmann. He is a very good teacher and provides excellent L3 support. He has a focused approach to solving problems, even when they are miles away.

Tommaso Trittoni, Supporto tecnico DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING AUTOMATION SRL Italy